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The Crash

The sand was still warm under my feet

The air humid and heavy

I could smell the salt

See the dark of the ocean

Gulls called from the leaden sky

Clouds moved like liquid pewter

I could hear voices calling to me

I should turn back

Follow the tracks I made

The sound of the waves

so intoxicating

Thunder crashed loudly

The sky was growing darker

I kept walking

The voices were now distant whispers

barely heard

I could feel the mist on my face now

The water was cold

I felt it wrap around my ankles

I went deeper

The birds kept calling

I could see it coming


Water wrapped cold but seductive

around my hips

I stopped

It hit

The crash of the wave

So cold

I couldn’t breathe

then I smiled as I made my way back to shore


Lost Garden

She sat in the garden surrounded

by the scent of soft jasmine and warm green grass.

Staring at the gate, eyes brimming with tears.

Knowing the key was on the other side

of the twisted metal.

Maybe just within inches of the cold metal.

She couldn’t bring herself to stand and go look.

What if it wasn’t close enough to grab,

or touch?

So she sat, surrounded by the small stars,

clinging to their vines.

Fenced in by the old stone wall,


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